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ZingCuba - Tell your friends about us and get free topups

Invite your friends with a $5.00 gift

When your friends join ZingCuba we will give them a credit of $5.00 as a welcome gift, and as a token of our appreciation you will receive a credit every time your friend does a topup. Not only that, if your friend invites their friends, you will also receive credits when those people use ZingCuba to topup cell phones in Cuba. These credits can add up to free topups for you.

Here's how it works

If you invite a friend you will get USD $0.80 credit for every topup of 20 CUC that your friend does. Also if your friend invites his/her friends you will get a reward credit USD $0.20 every time these people topup a cuban cellphone for 20 CUC.

So for example, 5 of your friends do 2 topups of 20 CUC every month (lower than typical) will give you reward credits of 5 x 2 x $0.80 = $8.00.

PLUS if each of your friends invites 5 of their friends (i.e. 25 more people) and they do 2 topups of 20 CUC every month, you will get 25 x 2 x $0.20 = $10.00 for a total of $18.00 every month!!! That's enough for you to get a 15 CUC topup for free every single month, and all you had to do is tell 5 friends about ZingCuba.

Remember too, it never stops. You will keep getting reward credits as long as your friends and his/her friends keep toping up. In a year it can add up to hundreds of dollars of free topups!!

Reward credits are assigned to your account once the total to be assigned reaches $2.00. To respect the privacy of our clients you will not be given any information as to which numbers were recharged, or which user did the topups.

To invite friends and start getting your free topups, you must "Login" to your account. If you are not a ZingCuba member yet, then "Register" to share this experience with your friends.

Friends Who Have Joined

When the friends you have invited register with ZingCuba, they will be listed here.